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About IntelliSports

At IntelliSports we firmly believe that getting healthy should be as much fun as Levelling Up in your favourite video game.


We are using our experience in Sports Analytics, Machine Learning, Video Games and mass market consumer technology to create a fitness platform where users can train, group up, compete and enjoy many of the most engaging elements of modern video games.


Leading to real world fitness activities that they can do in the comfort of their home, in just a few minutes a day, using only the smartphone in their pocket.


IntelliSports is a Montreal based technology company that is combining real world sports with a digitally engaging experience and A.I. to create real world gaming.


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And the rest of our team of amazing people who make awesome things happen every day!

John Morris

Founder and CFO

John has been successful raising money and managing multiple

startups (Landr / OptoSecurity) and billion dollar companies (LG / Nortel). John has a passion for all things sports and 80's dance music.

Jonathan Guillemette

Founder and CEO

A PhD and professor in physics, Jon holds a patent in quantum computing. Tired of doing his side hustle of building electronics in his basement, he decided to take it to the next level and start IntelliSports.


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